Client Success Manager

Doximity (Remote)

Full Time

As the largest physician network in the country, Doximity is in a unique position to assist doctors in their careers and clinical practice. Doximity Talent Finder, the platform that enables social physician recruiting on Doximity, is hiring for a results-oriented Client Success Manager to build strong, trusted partnerships with Doximity's healthcare clients.

Client Success Managers are dedicated to helping our clients achieve success and advising on best practices for defining, implementing, and realizing talent needs and goals. You will become an expert in the Doximity product suite, will partner with internal teams to ensure client satisfaction and identify at-risk accounts to contribute to a high rate of subscription renewals. It will take a strong communicator to be successful in this role.

Location for this position is flexible with a preference for Eastern and Central time zones. The ideal candidate will be willing and able to take on increasing amounts of responsibility on the Client Success Team over time, eventually managing their own client base.

Your Responsibilities Will Include:

Required Experience & Skills:

Preferred Experience & Skills:


About Doximity:

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