Ruby on Rails Software Engineer

JMI Laboratories (North Liberty, IA)

Full Time

JMI Laboratories is looking to add a Ruby / Postgres / Rails Engineer as a full time employee to our North Liberty, Iowa office software development team. Our business is to perform custom microbiology testing on bacteria and fungal samples obtained from around the world to help our clients measure the effectiveness of different antibacterial and antifungal drugs against representative microbial samples sourced from worldwide medical facilities.

In business since 2000, we have millions of test results in our database and that number grows daily. We use a very lean and agile approach to developing web apps that allow our in-house team of 50+ microbiology specialists to efficiently schedule and record results of lab tests of tens of thousands of samples per year, as well as tools to help our scientific directors and external clients effectively analyze this information.

We develop on Rails and Postgres to provide the next generation data collection and analysis tools that our organization and clients need and you will have opportunity to work on many projects to improve the efficiency of lab operations and data analysis.

This is a position for someone who loves organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data and is interested in interacting directly with our end users to learn the nuances of operating a high volume microbiology lab and provide the best tools to our staff and clients. You will do full stack web development that will interface with lab equipment and be used directly by lab staff and scientists to gather, analyze, and visualize test results. We are a small team of developers and thrive on everyone having a full view of what we’re doing and why.

The work we do is integral to the development of new antibacterial and antifungal drugs by our clients to improve the health of patients around the world. At the end of each day you will know that you are helping advance global public health.

Candidate requirements:

Desirable experience:

If you are a great team player, a self-driven prolific coder, a fast learner of new technology and domain subject matter, and want to contribute directly to help the world combat infectious diseases, you could be the perfect next addition to our team.

Please send cover letter and resume to

JMI Laboratories is an equal opportunity employer. No recruiters or agencies please.

Apply at

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