Junior Developer

Pear Deck (Iowa City, IA)

Full Time

Junior Developer

This role is best for people who have recently completed some kind of degree or certification and are ready to soak up a lot of knowledge from experienced developers. You will work with the team to figure out the scope of work and how you individually fit into that work. You will be responsible for completing assigned tasks and knowing when to ask for help. As you grow your skills, you will also be finding ways to contribute to the growth of your teammates by contributing to code reviews and team look backs.


Things your team might do on a given day

About Working on Our Product Team

We are forming a new product pod at Pear Deck and are looking for a combination of skills spread across four new people. Product design and development at Pear Deck is about working as a team to unpack a problem and solve it. Your team will work closely together every day to scope out new features, design them, test them, and code them.

Our process is very collaborative and affords many opportunities to talk through ideas or get feedback. At the same time, individual alone time to puzzle or crank through some code is an important part of the work. Our teams are always working to find a balance between community and autonomy, spaciousness and sprinting, perfecting and shipping.

We are looking for people who are excited to bring their creativity, honesty, and initiative to the challenges of growing a company and creating something worthy.

About Working at Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a three year-old, funded startup headquartered in Iowa City, IA, focused on helping teachers deliver powerful learning moments to every student, every day. By joining Pear Deck at this stage in our growth, you will be getting in during an exciting time as we expand our team while maintaining our humanity. So, if you like the idea of working on a close-knit crew as we face the challenges of scaling both our customers and our team, this is the perfect time to jump in.

To Apply

Tell us about your experience in life, your college degree and how you think our vision aligns with your personal goals. Write to michal+worklife@peardeck.com . Thanks!

Apply at www.peardeck.com

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