Principal Developer Tools Engineer

Stitch Fix (Remote)

Full Time

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling startup in San Francisco, combining art and science to disrupt and redefine the retail industry. Our engineering teams build the tools that run our business, from our customer-facing website and mobile app to unique and innovative tools that power our warehouse, merchandising, and styling teams. We leverage vast amounts of client data to make decisions throughout the company. All of this results in a simple, powerful offering to our customers and a successful, growing business. We believe we are only scratching the surface of our opportunity, and we’re looking for incredible people to contribute!

About Engineering

Our team is made up of key engineers who built and scaled organizations like Google, Netflix, eBay, and LivingSocial. We build modern software with modern techniques like TDD, continuous delivery, DevOps, and service-oriented architecture. Cross-functional partnership is deeply meaningful to us, and is how we’ve built up immense trust with the people running the business.  We focus on high-value products that solve clearly identified problems, and design them in a sustainable way.  In fact, some of our proudest moments come from solving business problems without writing a line of code.

About the Role

As a Principal Engineer you will drive the architecture and design of our developer tools products.  You’ll work with our platform engineers to deliver a secure, scalable, and reliable set of development and deployment tools for our entire engineering team.

You’ll be knee-deep on technical decisions and implementation, but will always maintain a vision for where these tools should go and how they should work.  You’ll work with key leaders on our engineering team to make sure developers are productive and have the agency to manage the systems they build.

Success in this role requires a fierce dedication to delivering results, incorporating feedback, and making improvements. The ability to quickly understand problems specific to our team and our business—and help solve them pragmatically—is a key to success.

About the Technology

Technologies we use to solve problems include:

We get excited about engineers who have...

Bonus Points

You'll love working at Stitch Fix because we...

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