How Do I Feature a Position or Organization?

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How Do I Post?

There are currently 2 ways to post. (This job board is still a bit of an experiment for us. We plan to make the process easier if there’s sufficient interest.)

Request Assistance

You can request help with posting, but please be aware that this is a volunteer-run site. When requesting assistance, please include all relevant organization/position details in your email.

Send us an email

Pull Request (Preferred)

This entire website is open source and pull requests to add posts are welcome! If you have the skills to make a pull request, that’s all that is necessary to get your post published. There is currently no database; the posts are simply a set of Markdown files. It’s pretty straightforward after seeing some examples.

Post an organization

Here’s an example organization (see more):

title: Example
location: Iowa City, IA
- JavaScript

A blurb about the organization goes here.

Post a position

Here’s an example position (see more):

type: Full Time
title: Software Developer
company: Example
location: Iowa City, IA

The text of your job description goes here.  It can contain **Markdown** or <b>HTML</b> markup.

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