Software Development Instructor

NewBoCo (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Full Time

NewBoCo is looking for a Software Development Instructor in Cedar Rapids to help us launch the first formal Code School in Iowa. Your role will consist of two primary things:

This person must have a strong aptitude and desire to help people change their lives and enter the world of professional software development through instruction and guidance. This is a hands-on instruction role as well as being the lead instructor for the Eastern Iowa market. You will work closely with our staff and partners in order to ensure we are delivering students the best possible learning experience in the market.

And you’ll get to do this in a brand new code school classroom in our facility in the NewBo district of Cedar Rapids starting this Summer and Fall.

Instructor Responsibilities

Additional Responsibilities

Skills & Qualifications

Some details you should know:

If you are interested, email us at with:

Apply at

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